Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fashion for the Frat

It's that time of year again for college to start up and for students old and new to begin to wander the ivory halls. But going back to college after so long can be intimidating. Even so much as figuring out what you should wear can be an impossible feat, especially if you have an eye for fashion. Thankfully here are a few simple tips for those aiming for the 'awe' in 'shock and awe'.

'Tis The Season For Some Fall Fashion What's the number one thing that determines what clothes are in? The season of course. It's Fall, which means that you should dress nice and warm. Sweaters and over shirts are in, it's the perfect excuse to wear a kicking scarf and it's a good time to wear a slightly classier long dress since the short sun ones should be in the closet by now. If you live in the sunnier weather, try to aim for 'faux fall' rather than forcing yourself to swear in sweaters when the sun is pounding down. Sweater like shirts, thin over shirts and jean shorts for instance.

Dress For The Occasion It's college, so why not dress like it? If you're aiming for something casual but eye catching why not wear a college marked sweater or hoody with some nice pants or jeans to pull it all together? If you're afraid to seem like you're a little too eager coming back to school, you can instead wear one for your frat, sorority, or even a 'faux college' garment with a symbol that looks the part but is a bit more generic. Check out some Greek Gear deals for some good examples of these sorts of clothes at a good price.

Color Me Impressed Once again it's fall, so fall colors are in. Orange, brown, red, aim for that region of the pallet and you will be following some good trends. Of course you shouldn't feel bound to this color pallet, after all those who don't follow trends make them. But if you want a cohesive outfit that looks good and appropriate, color scheming like this is a great way to go.

There we are, some simple tips to not only fit in in any college out there, but to stand out for all the good reasons. Make sure to dress both for comfort and to impress!

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