Sunday, November 18, 2012

My Fila Skeletoes

 Last night til dawn at Bonifacio High Street w/ Sissy Net

Last weekend, after I had my braces installed for the third time (coz I was too lazy to wear my retainers after... first installation was in HS, 2nd was 5 years ago, then now), my baboo Peter and I did some window shopping around Mall of Asia. As usual, my hubby got interested with the display of shoes and there's this one particular type that he keeps coming back to --- Skeletoes by Fila. Ever since he tried Vibram Five Fingers(the original brand that came out with the 5-toe type of shoes) and didn't like it, he has always been looking for something similar but more comfortable. This is the nth time he has been trying on Fila's Skeletoes and this time, it looks like he's finally going to buy. My baboo is like that. He is not an easy shopper. He has to know for sure that he likes something before he finally goes and buys it. Same when he's hooking up with women in the past I guess which is why we have been married for more than a decade now and I'm  happy to say that it's been mostly happy. 

Anyway, moving on to Skeletoes, he finally bought a pair and he was just so happy. Being his wife, of course I wanted to have my own pair too! So he bought me one! Yipee! I would have wanted to have the pink pair but it's already out of stock. This blue pair ain't so bad. In fact, the more I use it, the prettier I find it. Plus, it really is comfortable too! Like last night, my baboo and I were with sissy Net and instead of going to a comedy bar, we decided to walk around Bonifacio Global City instead. I loved the feel of Skeletoes on my feet! It was just right! Afterwards, we had a feast at the Mercato Centrale and did some shopping too. I'll blog about the cute stuff I bought later. 

at the Mercato Centrale in Bonifaci High Street last night

What Peter and I didn't like about Vibram before (this is just our personal take on the matter) is the fact that it has 5 toes and when we wore it, the two smallest toes would keep bunching up together. So why not just buy a pair where the last two toes would naturally end up bunching together, right? So we're really glad we found Fila's Skeletoes. The price isn't that expensive too. It's being retailed for Php4,500 and it was on sale at Php1,699. Not bad!

Aside from using our Skeletoes for walking, jogging and running, we'll bring them to our beach trips too and use them as aqua shoes. Perfect! Not only do we get to use our feet as nature intended it to be (thereby lessening the chances of injuries), we get to enjoy the whole experience of being almost barefoot too. 

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